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His Death Gave Us Our Birthright

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Getting To Know Us

Birthright, based in Dallas, Texas, is the product of years of ministry blended into a new beginning for each of its members. Originally formed in the early 1990's, Birthright ministered to people all across the southern states in everything from church homecomings to state-wide conventions. In 2013, the trio added its newest member, John Graves, and a new chapter began in the ministry.

Birthright’s desire to reach the lost and encourage believers through the ministry of southern gospel music and their personal testimonies has given the group a renewed strength and inspiration. Members of the trio have ministered at many local churches, at gospel festivals and home-goings, onstage at SGM Fan Fair, and in many National Quartet Convention showcases. In 2013, all three members reignited a passion for writing Christian music, and today many of Birthright’s musical selections are original music written by its members to uplift the name of Jesus Christ.

Each member shares a deep love of ministry through southern gospel music. With a rich diversity in backgrounds and sounds all their own, the trio keeps audiences sitting on the edge of their seats. Birthright truly has a sound unique in today's music industry.

Our Mission

Birthright's mission is to see the lost saved and the saved encouraged and uplifted through Southern Gospel music, testimonies and the sharing of the God's word.

We believe we have been given a gift, not only of our own eternal salvation, but the chance to help guide others to salvation through our ministry. We look at this gift as very humbling, but we go with willing hearts and minds.

Statement of Faith

Birthright Ministries is a faith-based Southern Gospel ministry that believes in the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. We believe the Bible is true and correct from cover to cover. We believe the foretold Messiah, who would be King of Kings and Lord of Lords, was, is, and ever will be, Jesus Christ.

We believe that Jesus, the only begotten Son of God, was born to a virgin, raised by a Carpenter, turned water into wine, healed the sick, made the lame to walk again, caused the blind to see, and raised the dead.

We believe He, the perfect will of God, was slain for the sins of the world on a cross, rose on the third day, and ascended into Heaven, where He sits at the right hand of the Father, alive and well! We believe Jesus left us the Holy Spirit as a comforter and He is forever interceding on our behalf to the Father. We believe He is part of the Trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

We believe in both Heaven and Hell, and we believe that those who refuse the free gift of salvation are doomed to an eternity in Hell apart from God, but those who accept this free gift are given eternal life with Christ in Heaven.

Johnny Barber

Johnny Barber was born in Mineola, Texas, and raised in South Louisiana about thirty miles west of Baton Rouge. He began his musical career playing trombone in the band at the age of 12 and started playing piano at the age of 16. He graduated college with a Bachelor's degree in Music Education.

Johnny met the Lord and surrendered to the ministry at the age of 32 at a revival meeting in Tickfaw, Louisiana, and he has been truly blessed since that time with many ministry opportunities.

His extensive musical training has enabled him to play for several trio and quartet ministries through the years. He also traveled with the Peter Popoff crusades for six months, where he saw the hand of God work in many regions, including Ontario, New York, and Chicago.

Johnny is the keyboard player and a vocalist for Birthright, a group he helped form in the 1990's. With his musical background and vocal ability, he continues to write and arrange music for the group.

Through the Holy Spirit, Johnny continues to bless audiences across the country.

Rita Barber

Rita Barber was born in Terrell, Texas and raised in a Baptist family. She gave her heart to the Lord at the age of 16 during a service led by her father, who was pastor of the church at the time. Gospel music has been an integral part of her life since she can remember. "My earliest memories as a young child are sitting in my grandmother's lap in the choir." Since then, Rita has sung as a soloist, formed a female trio and sang with a quartet with three brothers. She has often seen God work miracles in many lives.

Rita has an outstanding style of low harmony singing, developed through experience with a long line of alto singers. Her extended vocal range allows her to sing anything from low harmony to high tenor, depending on the music.

In the 1990's, Rita helped form the Birthright trio, where she currently sings, writes and arranges music for the group. Her ministry goal is to follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit through prayer, testimony and music.

John Graves

John Graves has a rich heritage in southern gospel music, having ministered in 17 states and six countries! In 2021, he celebrated 47 years of ministry in gospel music! 

From 1974 until 1984, John sang Lead and Baritone vocals for his family quartet, the Graves Gospel Singers, as they traveled throughout the southern US. At the age of nine, John gave his life to the Lord, and at seventeen, John was called as a Music Minister to Friendship Baptist Church in Riderville, Texas, where he stayed through college. While in college, John sang with many professional organizations, including the Shreveport Chamber Singers of Shreveport, Louisiana, and the Marshall Symphony Chorus of Marshall, Texas.

All through college, John continued a solo career singing a blend of contemporary Christian and southern gospel sounds. In 1994, John formed the Southern Harmony quartet of Tyler, Texas, where he continued to minister until March of 1996 when he and his wife moved to Dallas. After moving to Dallas, John continued to minister as a soloist in churches and other venues.  In October of 2004, John became a founding member of the Of One Accord quartet in Frisco, Texas, where he ministered for eight years.  He also helped establish Accord Ministries, a Texas non-profit corporation dedicated to supporting gospel music ministry throughout Texas.

In 2013, John helped restart Birthright Ministries, where he still continues to write and arrange music and minister today. John has a sincere desire to uplift and encourage the saved and lead the lost to Christ through the ministries of southern gospel music and testimony.